Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010 to all XSL Speed Reporter readers

Paying full respect to all of XSL Speed Reporter's readers in 2010, I apologize for not updating the site for a week. For Christmas, I received a most unwelcoming gift in the form of the common cold. That, along with a lake effect snowstorm and the usual lack of motorsports news, has left me with little time to provide article within the final days of 2009.

Please allow me to convey my continuing commitment to this website and to providing coverage of this upcoming year's motorsport happenings. Having conducted exclusive interviews with drivers like Jacques Villeneuve, Ron Fellows as well as Anthony Simone, XSL Speed Reporter brought race results and special access to the 2009 Toronto Honda Indy. XSL Speed Reporter also enjoys the right to claim being one of the first media outlets to announce Dale Earnhardt Jr's 7th straight most popular driver award scooping even jayski.com on the story. 2010 is guaranteed to be another exciting year and I'm determined to enrich this website's readers

Thank you for being a reader and please continue to visit my page for the unique auto racing content.

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