Saturday, March 31, 2012

Could This Sketch be Chevrolet's Future NASCAR Contender?

Original sketch is created by Chris Nagy

After 5 years of the Impala name being engaged in stock car auto racing, Chevrolet's NASCAR plans will present a change to the after the 2012 season. Chevrolet announced earlier this month that the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup (and likely the Nationwide Series as well) would be running an all-new vehicle.

As the General Motors brand seeks their 34-time manufacturer championship in the still young 2012 season, the look of the Impala stock car's successor has not been publicly revealed as of yet. With General Motors promising the new NASCAR racing vehicle it will be based on an all-new production car, much of the speculation suggests the car will be a civilian version of the Chevrolet Caprice PPV sedan. An Australian based four-door equipped with V-6 and V-8 engines, the Caprice PPV was launched into the commercial market as an attempt to lure law enforcement agencies back to Chevrolet. While there has been no confirmation that the Chevrolet Caprice will return after a 16-year absence to showrooms, the mention of an all-new production car leaves few other options for a 2013 NASCAR stock car.

Attempting to articulate the anatomy of a Chevrolet Caprice PPV stock car, I have taken some time to sketch a hypothetical look of the 2013 NASCAR vehicle. Please accept for apologies on the crudeness of the sketch compared to other concept car renderings. Design is meant as a personal expression of a Chevrolet Caprice stock car.

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