Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Message from XSL Speed Reporter on 1 Year Motorsports Blogcasting

Hello XSL Speed Reporter readers:

As I am entering into the first year anniversary of running my take on motorsport news through this portal, I firstly want to thank everyone who has visited XSL Speed Reporter.

With 12 months of experience producing my own web page,I have aggressively worked on maintaining the latest motorsport coverage. admittedly, as one person splitting my time amongst the good people of PRN(Performance Racing News) Magazine and on a regular basis, I've been challenged by the multi-tasking (but who hasn't been in this day of age).

In the first year of XSL Speed Reporter, I've committed myself in collecting motorsport news and information about NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1 as well as sports car racing. Posting over 350 blogs in this year functioning year of this website, it has been my intention to bring accurate, unique insight into the world of auto racing. However, in doing so, I'm certain readers have yet to regard this website with 'speed' in the name as a fast source of news. You must know that when it comes to putting an article together, I do not compromise content for speed.

Along with bringing you my impression on news and views, I have brought to you interviews with Canadian drivers including NASCAR and sports car ace Ron Fellows, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series' Anthony Simone and 1997 Formula 1 World Driving Champion Jacques Villeneuve. More recently, I have also had the pleasure for including current IZOD IndyCar driver Marco Andretti. I want to thank them, along with people involved in arranging these exclusive interviews, for allowing me these opportunities. There are also media partners who have been most helpful in assuring XSL Speed Reporter grows towards becoming an exciting, reputable source.

Striding to grow a profile as a wide-known, reliable source for auto racing news, I welcome you to the continued efforts of my writing. Thank you and please note you can follow this site on twitter at through the future.

Looking forward to my postings through the 2nd year, I hope to share a greater wealth of auto racing news.

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