Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

Today expresses the need to take a proper detour from the regular auto racing news of XSL Speed Reporter to gave thanks and recognition to veterans of past wars and to those service people currently fighting for the peace-craving good.

Marking 91 years since the seizing of conflict of the First World War, the aftermath of 15 million soldiers lost combat has made November 11th a monumental date each year. Of course, as the world endured through the 20th century, World War 2 and other world conflicts up to this day have added to the casualties of armed conflict. Today, the multitude of ceremonies are a tribute the fighting men and women who work selflessly to stand guard while the other citizens of their countries remain safer because of them.

As a citizen who hasn't fought in dangerous and disputed areas, connecting to the practical, mental, and emotional pains of a soldier is not fully comprehensible. Family as well as friends certainly share the closest enlightenment of their successes and losses. However, with time acting like a corrosive to unprotected history, younger generations may soon be able to gain understanding of the toils of war through the documented accounts that remain. The offensive smell and sight of corpses resulting in trench warfare of World War 1 can not revealed truly in books. The feelings helplessness of German U-Boats attacking ship convoys, the siege on the City of London, and the death of millions of Jewish lives through Nazi genocide are given greater historical background but me are losing the firsthand accounts which add the most gravity to recalling these ordeals. Even as we watch the breaking news in 2009, we as civilians will never identify with the cautious movements along Iraqi and Afghan roads as guerrillas combatants plant hidden bombs. Soldiers deal with these senses on a daily basis, dutifully continuing their work.

Paying are respects to are respective veterans and troops, When those soldiers sacrificed their lives in the name of their fellow man, each soldier lives forever in every human being. It is up to our individual selves to connect with the shared beliefs in the safety and preservation of our loved ones.

To the living and the fallen soldiers, please keep in mind that Remembrance Day is not just a single day where we feel obligated to honour you. November 11th each year represents the one full year that we have made the most of your sacrifice.

Thank you to all the war veterans and the active members of the several military forces that stand up for a world where peaceful co-existence is an aspiration.

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