Saturday, September 25, 2010

Team Lotus will be Officially Back in Formula 1 for 2011

Photo Credit: Lotus Racing

Going by the team name Lotus Racing since applying for their reentry into Formula 1 (the arguably strongest of three new 2010 Formula 1 teams), the green and yellow grand prix cars will compete with a new-old name of Team Lotus.

A hallmark presence in Formula 1, the first time Team Lotus was inducted into the high ranks of motorsports was when wizard engineer and Lotus Cars founder Colin Chapman campaigned his vehicles at the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix. Accumulating 79 grand prix victories, 7 Formula 1 constructor championships in 493 races until the team's shutdown after the 1994 season, The 2010 Lotus Racing team never wanted to consider themselves an unfaithful reuse of the British sports car name. However, since Lotus Cars was purchased by the Malaysian Proton group, the "Team Lotus" rights were within a separate entity controlled by Managing Director named David Hunt. Describing that an effort was made since the dissolving of the Team Lotus team after 1994, Hunt said "We had no idea of the huge difficulties we would have to overcome when I made that statement."

Now satisfied with the current Lotus Formula 1 organization, Hunt proudly announced willingly to allow the Team Lotus moniker back into the motorsport world. "The custodianship of the iconic brand and history now passes from me to Tony, Kamarudin and Nasa. In relinquishing this responsibility I am confident I am handing over to a team who have the financial resources, passion, energy, vision and long-term commitment to give Team Lotus the best possible chance of returning to the sharp end of the grid." Hunt Said.

Team principal Tony Fernandes shared the mutual satisfaction of claiming the iconic branding. "It was always important to us that Lotus Racing and Team Lotus could be brought together to unite the past and the present, and now we have done so."

With a new name for 2011, rumours are spreading that more changes might be upon the Team Lotus squad. Speculation surrounds the Cosworth engine within the Team Lotus Formula 1 cars could make way for another powerplant. Renault has been one name mentioned. 

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